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A semi closed MacBook Pro, the screen of which is generating ambient light on a black table surface.

Wolfco is a Chicago-based digital product agency building world-class apps and websites for the world's biggest brands.

We believe that quality software is something users can feel. That's why Wolfco's entire process is focused on finding the right tools for the job—ones founded in what users need, that can scale and flex to meet our clients' evolving business, and that are designed with the future in mind from day one.

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Custom Software

Code meant for the long haul. Whether it's a custom mobile app, a progressive web app or website, or backend web services, Wolfco develops custom software that meets our clients' needs today, and tomorrow.

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Technology Consulting

Don't tackle digital transformation alone. Wolfco's team of technology consultants act as our clients' advocates on every aspect of product strategy, making smart use of data, and building out the right internal team.

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Product Design

Make something beautiful, and useful. Our experienced team of interface designers specializes in crafting gorgeous apps and websites that are as simple to use as they are effective at driving business results.

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Validation & Testing

Start new projects with confidence. Our full suite of research capabilities includes usability testing, audience research, prototyping, and design sprints to ensure our product ideas are heading in the right direction.

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