We take products from high-concept to high-performing.

Wolfco offers services for digital products at every stage, from the first inkling of an idea to a platform with millions of users, and everything in between.

No two digital products are the same. But at Wolfco, we’ve perfected a process for ensuring we’re building the right features for our clients’ audiences, with the right technologies to support their business, that scales to fit the needs of any size organization.

Overhead view of table with developers' laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

One-stop shop for great digital products.

Wolfco has organized its service offering around the problems our clients face most often: how to focus on the right product, ensure customers will adopt it, build for scale and performance, and assemble the right team to support it. From exploring the earliest product ideas to deploying enterprise-grade apps and websites to millions of users, Wolfco offers solutions that address the biggest challenges in digital product development and get new ideas over the finish line.

Our Services

Custom Software

Code meant for the long haul. Whether it's a custom mobile app, a progressive web app or website, or backend web services, Wolfco develops custom software that meets our clients' needs today, and tomorrow.

Technology Consulting

Don't tackle digital transformation alone. Wolfco's team of technology consultants act as our clients' advocates on every aspect of product strategy, making smart use of data, and building out the right internal team.

Product Design

Make something beautiful, and useful. Our experienced team of interface designers specializes in crafting gorgeous apps and websites that are as simple to use as they are effective at driving business results.

Validation & Testing

Start new projects with confidence. Our full suite of research capabilities includes usability testing, audience research, prototyping, and design sprints to ensure our product ideas are heading in the right direction.

Our Process

We empower any company to be a technology company.

From smart research and design to thoughtful software development, Wolfco's services have every ingredient to make digital products a success.

Wolfco begins each project by listening. The best way to identify solutions that transform our clients’ products and organizations is to learn from them, understand how their business operates, and how the current landscape of technology is serving them. By gathering feedback from a wide range of stakeholders, and assuming nothing about specific technologies and tools, we’re able to partner closely with our clients to uncover novel new product opportunities and technology solutions that will reinvent their business.

Once we’ve aligned on the product to build, we delve into user research and testing to inform our design process. We seek to deeply understand the problems customers face, along with their expectations for digital products in each industry, and balance those needs with the objective of our clients’ business. From there, our team of designers finds creative ways to bring feature ideas to life, and partners with developers to implement each new screen in a performant and universally accessible way.

But Wolfco believes in products, not projects. We don’t write software to just throw it over the fence to our clients, leaving them to maintain it and ensure it’s success. We continue our partnership to iteratively improve each product after launch, but also offer technology consulting services to set our clients’ teams up with the tools and techniques necessary for long-term success. Digital products never sit still. But between our maintenance offerings to keep features fresh, and our capabilities to assemble client product teams to carry each product forward, our clients are able to capitalize on that momentum.

Learning from Feedback, Every Step of the Way.

Feedback in Design

Our research and testing capabilities help ensure we’re building products that people will not only know how to use, but will love to use.

Feedback in Development

Our software development process is designed around collaboration, not only internally among Wolfco’s team of web and mobile developers, but also with our clients’ teams.

Feedback in our Partnership

Nothing is more important than solving problems for our clients. Each project is an opportunity to become their secret formula for digital product success.