Validation & Testing

Skip the guesswork. Build products guaranteed to deliver value.

We eliminate uncertainty to deliver digital products founded on what we know users actually need, not assumptions.

Start new projects with confidence. Our full suite of research capabilities includes usability testing, audience research, prototyping, and design sprints to ensure our product ideas are heading in the right direction.

Deciding what digital products and features to build shouldn't feel like a risk. Wolfco's data-driven approach through every stage of a product strategy helps validate ideas, find new concepts to explore, and measure success after a product is launched into users' hands. Sound research and data can not only mitigate risks for a new product initiative, but also help invent entirely new directions to explore.

In order for a user-centered design process to be effective, it needs to actually involve the user themselves from the start. Wolfco's process for validating and testing digital products puts the user at the center of every product strategy decision, incorporating their feedback and insights into each step of the development lifecycle.

Our research methodology brings objectivity to the product prioritization process, builds alignment among other stakeholders, and helps make big product decisions simpler. From feature ideation and generating a new product backlog, to evaluating data analytics from production, Wolfco's services ensure that every detail of the design can be deployed with confidence.


A digital product is never finished. There will always be new user feedback to uncover, flows to optimize, and feature enhancements to make. One of the best tools to continually evolve a piece of software in production is behavioral analytics, which can help teams understand how their users are actually using a product, and identify areas where they might be running into obstacles. As part of maintaining a product we've launched, Wolfco takes a keen eye to its usage data and behavioral patterns to inform improvements and enhancements that can take it to the next level.

Uncover the next big thing.

Coming up with great new digital product ideas doesn't require a stroke of genius or divine inspiration. Wolfco's process for workshopping new concepts and rapidly prototyping them has generated exciting, validated designs and feature ideas that have taken products in whole new directions. Within the span of a week, our team of strategists and designers can help our clients' teams sketch, prototype, and test new features and designs using an industry-proven process for design thinking.


With everything Wolfco builds, we believe gathering feedback early and often is the surest way to hit the mark. As part of our product design process, Wolfco's team of strategists and designers creates prototypes of various degrees of fidelity to get raw reactions and insights from customers, stakeholders, and other users of the end product. This kind of research gives our clients transparency into our thinking, and the confidence to know that what we're building is worth an investment.

Other Services

Custom Software

Code meant for the long haul. Whether it's a custom mobile app, a progressive web app or website, or backend web services, Wolfco develops custom software that meets our clients' needs today, and tomorrow.

Technology Consulting

Don't tackle digital transformation alone. Wolfco's team of technology consultants act as our clients' advocates on every aspect of product strategy, making smart use of data, and building out the right internal team.

Product Design

Make something beautiful, and useful. Our experienced team of interface designers specializes in crafting gorgeous apps and websites that are as simple to use as they are effective at driving business results.

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