Usability Testing

Gain confidence in the product design before launch.

Our design and research teams conduct usability testing with a range of methods to help ensure that what we're building will make an impact.

The core idea behind Wolfco's design and development process is that feedback is essential to building great products. That's why we employ usability testing for our mobile app and website designs to ensure what we're delivering is intuitive, usable, and effective.

Whether we're running a quick signal test to validate our ideas about new iconography, or running a comprehensive usability test that guides users through a new flow within a digital product, Wolfco's team focuses on reinforcing every product decision we make with user feedback and sound evidence.

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Designers can't work in a vacuum. Instead, we include our product strategists, designers, developers, and client teams in rounds of iterative usability testing studies, with various research methodologies and design prototypes of varying degrees of fidelity, to validate our ideas and inform our direction. This gives our teams and our clients the confidence that what we're delivering is exactly what our users need.

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Designs backed up by data.

At the earliest stages of the product design process, Wolfco employs rapid signal tests to gather data about the usability of new components, understand users' assumptions about a product, or help define the nomenclature for a UI element that aligns with users' mental models. These initial tests are instrumental in guiding our design direction, and can prove out the viability of new ideas quickly and cost-effectively.

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It’s never too late to make UX improvements.

For existing products that have already been deployed to production, Wolfco offers usability audits to suggest iterative improvements to the design to better align with users' behaviors and expectations. In addition, our team of design consultants conducts accessibility audits to ensure that every user can take advantage of the product's capabilities, especially those using a screen reader, switch, or other accessibility tools.

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Pressure-testing user flows with real-world usage.

Finally, in the latter stages of product design before beginning development, our team conducts usability testing with in-person or remote participants to test their comprehension and effectiveness of various product user flows. With prototypes that range from simple paper illustrations to high-fidelity interactive user journeys, our team collects valuable insights and feedback from the users themselves that can help inform our next design step.

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