Product Ideation & Validation

Launching the next big thing isn't rocket science.

Wolfco partners with clients at the earliest stages of product development to identify and validate new opportunities.

Wolfco understands that our clients may not have all the answers right away. We're not the kind of development partner that just builds software in a silo based on requirements—we prefer to work closely with our partners to define the requirements together, building on research and iterative testing to ensure we're building the right thing.

Creating new products whole-cloth can be intimidating, especially when the project's outcomes are critical to driving business results. Thankfully, coming up with new product and feature ideas doesn't have to be an open-ended, ambiguous, or ill-defined creative process. Wolfco employs product strategy techniques that cut through the ambiguity and help clearly identify which ideas to invest in, which ideas to explore further, and which ideas to leave on the backlog.


Together with our clients, Wolfco guides the process of product ideation and definition from start to finish, gathering feedback from audience members and stakeholders alike to ensure alignment and identify new areas to explore. The product team doesn't have to be full of once-in-a-generation product visionaries in order to invent meaningful products—the process we follow empowers every organization to have a stroke of genius.

Hold on to your whiteboards.

Wolfco offers product ideation workshop sessions to identify latent product needs from both end users and stakeholders within our clients' organizations. By exploring pain points that exist for customers and internal app users, our team can begin defining areas of opportunity for product enhancement and further exploration. Our workshops are a closed loop that leads directly into additional testing and iterative design for our most promising concepts and ideas.

Sketch, prototype, and test a new idea. In a week.

The designers and researchers at Wolfco are experts in leading design sprints, which have become a popular product design and ideation process for some of the technology industry's biggest players. Design sprints are a week-long endeavor that squeezes design concept exercises, interface sketching, prototyping, and usability testing into a five-day time box, creating a fast-paced environment of creativity and experimentation for Wolfco and client teams alike.

Arming clients to make informed decisions.

Following our product ideation exercises, Wolfco delivers documented and fleshed-out ideas that can be used to build a new product backlog, added to an existing product roadmap for future releases, or leveraged as a resource when forecasting and estimating a new development project. Our objective is to set our clients up with all the information and evidence they need to make confident, informed decisions about the direction of their product.

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