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Best Rapid Prototyping Tools in 2020

Morgan Gilmore May 8th, 2020

Today teams are looking for ways to easily collaborate with each other no matter where they are. Work hasn’t slowed down, and now more than ever, websites and mobile apps need to stay up to date and efficient for their users. Adding a rapid prototyping tool for teams to use can help create intuitive product simulations with live commenting to get the final version ready for development. Below are some of the most highly rated prototyping tools to consider adding.


Figma is a cloud based prototyping platform. It is web-based, which is great for live commenting and editing within the project. This platform is available on all types of devices, not just iOS operating systems. Figma does require high-speed internet in order to keep up with the latest versions of a project. The platform does have other components to it’s prototyping as well, including design features and several plug-in integrations.


  • Real time collaboration
  • Similar layout to Sketch
  • Works on Windows and iOS
  • Vector based design tools
  • Easily organized layout


  • No built-in animation tools
  • Internet-based can cause issues if working offline


Starter version is free with limited features. They do offer a Professional plan for $12/editor/month and Organization subscription for $45/editor/month with advanced features.


Invision has workflow tracking rather than live-editing features. This means that it can track changes that are made, but it doesn’t have collaboration in real time. Other users have also mentioned that designing in Sketch and then prototyping in Invision yields better results. One of the biggest strengths is its advanced native animation tools. Without any plug-ins required, it creates a more robust and seamless experience for users. However, this platform is only available in iOS.


  • Advanced native animation tools built-in
  • Easy to learn
  • Vector-based drawing tools
  • Easily shareable with clients or stakeholders


  • Only available in iOS
  • Lacks some animation exporting features


Invision has a free version for 10 active users. Other plans include Pro version for $7.95/user/month and Enterprise with advanced features.


With raging reviews, Framer stands out as a highly productive mobile app platform with great interactive tools, path editing features and adaptive layouts that fit to canvas size. These features make Framer a slick option for teams looking to create a quick mockup with easy handoff to developers. The concepts are built in one file using Typescript that both designers and developers can reference back to as the one source of truth. Framer also provides an in-app interactive design store chocked full of icons and interactive design components.


  • Generates code-based prototypes
  • Easily integrates with other apps
  • Provides user-based store of plug-ins
  • Available in iOS and Android


  • Steeper learning curve for designers
  • Only uses React.js


Framer has a free version to try out with limited editors and projects. Other subscription levels include Starter at $15/month, Pro at $25/month and an Enterprise level with more support and additional features.

Adobe XD

Integrated into the entire Adobe suite, this prototyping tool provides a lot of capabilities for teams that use their family of products already. This means animation in Adobe XD can easily transfer to After Effects for further expansion or refinement. Fonts are already integrated with Adobe Fonts and all assets can be shared through Creative Cloud. Currently they’re in beta mode for a coediting platform where everyone can work on the same document at the same time. This allows teams to work from anywhere at the same time. It has easy shareable links for reviewing and commenting so nothing gets lost in the shuffle.


  • Available on iOS, Android and web applications
  • Can create responsive prototypes based on different screen sizes
  • Integrates into the Adobe products and Creative Cloud libraries
  • Simple user interface for designers (similar layout to other Adobe products)


  • Live prototyping not fully supported on Windows 10
  • Difficult transition if not in the Adobe ecosystem


XD Starter plan is free with limited capabilities. The next two plans offer up a single app subscription at $9.99/month and a subscription for all apps at $52.99/month for individuals. Business subscriptions have a price of $22.99/month for the single app or $79.99/month for a team subscription for all apps.

Overall, having a rapid prototyping tool is better than no prototyping tool at all. These are some the most raved about platforms that tout their easy integration and functionality across designers and developers. With more and more jobs moving to remote work, now is the time to find the right rapid prototyping tool for collaboration to bridge the gap between clients, designers and developers.

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