Behavioral Analytics

Learn from real usage data, and take action.

As part of our product development process, Wolfco offers analytics tagging strategies that help answer key product questions.

After a new digital product or feature has launched to market, it's essential to be able to collect meaningful data about what's working, what's not, and where the issues lie. That's why we incorporate analytics platforms into the mobile and web apps we build by default, and apply thoughtful analytics tagging strategies to ensure the right events are tracked.


Our team of strategists has experience implementing comprehensive analytics strategies with a range of industry tools, including Google Analytics and Firebase, Adobe Analytics, Amplitude, and Flurry. Whether it's tracking conversions on a new ecommerce web app, or measuring engagement with a new mobile app workflow, Wolfco can provide an analytics approach that helps answer key business questions.

Where to tag. How to track. What to measure.

From the outset of new product development projects, Wolfco includes analytics as a core consideration to ensure the experience we deliver measures up to our clients' objectives. Our team of analytics strategists provides consultation on what events to track throughout a complex digital experience to provide actionable information, and partners closely with developers to ensure that we can measure the success of the products we launch.

Knowing how a product is performing shouldn't be guesswork.

For existing products that have already been deployed to production, Wolfco offers analytics audits and provides suggestions on how to improve the tagging strategy to better answer the questions that are important to our clients' businesses. Our familiarity with each of the major analytics platforms, along with our experience tracking a myriad of different types of data across every category of digital product, help to get products back on track.

Insights to inform the backlog. And the next update.

Wolfco's team of analytics strategists provides detailed analysis on the behavioral data generated by users across digital products, identifying pain points and informing suggestions for improvements. These insights can become new ideas for the product's feature roadmap, or a design prototype that our team can validate with usability testing. A digital product is never finished, but our approach to analytics helps guarantee that our clients' digital products never stop improving.

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