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Apps that belong on the App Store's top shelf.

iOS and Android devices have become the central screen in users' digital lives. Wolfco carves out a space for our clients' brand on their customers' home screens.

iOS and Android devices have become the central screen in users' digital lives. Wolfco carves out a space for our clients' brand on their customers' home screens.

Since the App Store launched in 2008, the world of mobile operating systems has become a complicated one. Across both iOS and Android platforms, questions around version adoption, a diverse range of device types and sizes, and the ever-impending update right around the corner, developing mobile apps can be an intimidating prospect for many companies looking to make their digital transformation.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Wolfco partners closely with clients across the spectrum of mobile development experience, whether they're just dipping their toes in the mobile waters or looking to take an existing portfolio of mobile apps to the next level, to consult on the right solution and navigate the quirks of each platform.


Above all, our team is focused on helping clients find the right tool for the job, and then delivering an experience that exceeds their customers' expectations. Wolfco designs and develops fully custom native apps for iOS and Android, and specializes in React Native development to scale work across platforms. No matter the digital product or challenge a client is looking to solve, our team has experience building an app for that.


Make a mark on iPhone and iPad.

Apple customers have a high bar for the quality and design of the digital experiences they use. But they also are some of the highest-value customers on mobile, and brands that deliver a successful iOS app can see a major return on that investment. The expert iOS developers at Wolfco employ the latest iOS best practices and design patterns to offer apps that work beautifully on iPhones and iPads, integrate tightly into the operating system's advanced capabilities, and that can even extend to unlock the power of Apple Watch and Apple TV.


Reach a billion Android devices.

From high-end superphones and foldable devices to smartwatches and budget-friendly phones, Android has become the ubiquitous touchpoint for billions of customers' digital experiences. Wolfco's team of experienced Android app developers builds apps that leverage the powerful capabilities of the platform, while balancing creative solutions to its unique challenges of device diversity and version adoption. As Android proliferates to TV set-top boxes, smart home devices, and the car, Wolfco builds apps that are well-positioned to evolve with it.


Scale efficiently with React Native.

Many iOS and Android apps are built with platform-specific native code, like Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android. But many brands have begun adopting a cross-platform development approach that bridges both platforms with shared components and code. React Native delivers gorgeous, well-integrated mobile apps that share a large percentage of their footprint across iOS and Android deployments, enabling unmatched efficiency in developing for these essential platforms.

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