Product Strategy

Build the right product. Release features in the right order.

Wolfco takes a long-term view of the product lifecycle, defining feature backlogs and release roadmaps that keeps products fresh.

After deciding what digital product or features to build, the next step is creating a development plan and release strategy to get it into users' hands. Wolfco consults on product management and strategy for companies at every level of experience with product deployments, guiding our clients through the process of defining a backlog, prioritizing ideas, and setting a release roadmap.

The strategy that defines which features to release, and when, not only comes down to an understanding of the technical realities that determine development sequencing, but also the needs and expectations of a product's intended audience. Our product strategists work closely with our researchers, designers, and architects to ensure that all the variables are accounted for in creating product roadmaps.


Wolfco also offers consulting on Agile best practices, helping stakeholders throughout the organization think in terms of Minimum Viable Products and prioritizing ideas into iterative releases. We help companies transition from a project mindset to a product mindset, and this change in thinking transforms how our clients plan and release digital products.

User stories that deserve a Pulitzer.

Leading out of research interviews with users, product ideation sessions with clients and stakeholders, and prototyping and usability testing, Wolfco's team of product strategists helps to consolidate and document the product and feature ideas that we've generated together into a comprehensive product backlog. From writing user stories and epics, to prioritizing development work into sprints, Wolfco provides end-to-end services to take clients' products from concept to code.

A team of MVPs to help define your product's MVP.

Our approach to releasing products is simple: release early and iterate often. We believe in defining a Minimum Viable Product from the start of a project, an initial release that meets the audience's identified needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. From there, we can learn from [behavioral analytics]() and further usability testing to iterate upon our ideas, potentially taking the product in a direction we never would have imagined before.

Releases, each thoughtfully planned and scheduled.

Even after defining and refining a product backlog of ideas, no team could build everything at once. Wolfco works closely with our clients to prioritize their backlogs based on business objectives and user feedback, factoring in relative development effort to form a release roadmap of planned feature releases. We focus each release around solving a core product need, and understand that our current plan is subject to change as we learn more from analytics and gather additional feedback.

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