Web App Development

Custom web apps that push the envelope.

The browser is a powerful tool for digital experiences that work everywhere. Unlock its full potential.

The web is the Wolfco team's home turf, with more than three decades of web development experience building apps and websites for some of the world's biggest brands. We bring our collective experience to bear on every web project, guiding clients every step of the way to find the right solution and choose the right technologies to deliver the digital product they need.

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Modern Web Apps

These are apps that go beyond HTML. Leveraging the latest JavaScript frameworks and best practices for client-server app development, Wolfco delivers fast, responsive, and capable web experiences that feel right at home on every device and operating system. Taking advantage of the full spectrum of browser capabilities, our team of web developers closes the gap between web and native, enabling a whole new class of web-focused digital experiences.

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Apps that run everywhere the web does. So, everywhere.

The web is the most universally accessible and flexible technology platform of our digital era, and web applications enable powerful features and services across the full spectrum of capabilities on billions of devices. Wolfco develops apps for the web that are designed to scale elegantly to browsers running on the simplest mobile devices to full-featured workstations, helping our clients reach all of their customers.

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Experiences that everyone can use.

Simply complying with WCAG guidelines or conforming to the ADA is not enough. Digital products need to consider the unique accessibility needs of their users throughout the experience, from the smallest interface detail to the app's navigation and information architecture. Wolfco's team of designers and front-end web developers considers web accessibility at every stage of the product development process. From colors that comply with necessary contrast ratios in the design, to markup that ensures compatibility with screen readers and switches, Wolfco strongly believes that everyone should be able to take advantage of what a great web app has to offer.

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Blur the line between web and app.

Web apps should feel like apps. Using the latest browser capabilities to enable offline access and advanced device features, Wolfco builds web application experiences that feel as fast, fluid, and responsive as a native desktop or mobile app. Progressive web apps are a great way to extend web development effort to new channels, delivering digital products that users can install on their phone or computer. The web platform is more powerful than ever, and Wolfco's web developers help clients unlock its full potential.

Pushing the limits of browser capabilities—what web app can we develop for you today?

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