Craft CMS Development

Content management systems that inspire confidence and elevate your profile in the marketplace.

Your content is a valuable resource—we can help you develop tools to manage it at scale.

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Content Management Systems to take you to the next level

Drag and drop site builders can only take you so far. Once your needs extend beyond the basics, you need a CMS that is flexible and nimble enough to match the complexity of your content model, editorial workflow, and digital assets.

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We Specialize in Craft CMS

Wolfco specializes in Craft CMS development. Unlike many other common content management systems, Craft CMS is built on a modern PHP framework and adheres to current development best practices, ensuring stability and security by default. Additionally, it is supplemented by a rich ecosystem of plugins managed through a modern plugin management system, making updates straightforward and eliminating the need to manage individual files on a server.

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Design without limits.

Craft's visual layer is highly decoupled from its back end, which gives you ultimate flexiblity in terms of design. Craft has no opinions about how you represent your content. It can handle the richest designs with its own built-in templating system, or, you can go headless and simply use Craft as an API that powers all or part of a design layer hosted elsewhere.

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Extend and deploy however and wherever you want.

Craft CMS offers a rich ecosystem of plugins that meet most business needs, including first-class integrations with CRM services like Hubspot, Salesforce, and Mailchimp. It's also highly extensible, with clear mechanisms for extending its base functionality through custom modules and plugins.

Craft is designed for highly-available environments, allowing deployment on a single server or distributed architectures like AWS or Google Cloud, without relying on local file storage or a locally hosted database. Craft-specific cloud hosting is also available via services like Servd or Craft Cloud.

Ready to give your content the care it deserves? Get in touch and let us help you implement your next content management system.

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