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Building great products demands a great team.

Wolfco goes beyond simply delivering digital products to set our clients up for long-term success.

Hiring a great development partner is only one part of the equation to build successful products, and Wolfco understands that the story of our clients' digital initiatives stretches far beyond launching an MVP. Wolfco provides services that will set any organization up for success, whether we're augmenting an existing team or helping our clients assemble a new one from the ground up.

Next, Wolfco consults closely with stakeholders throughout our clients' organizations to advocate for a product-centric development model, coaching on Agile development best practices and laying the groundwork for a productive working relationship between the digital product teams we form and other departments throughout the business.

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We help complete a digital transformation by evaluating existing manual processes and finding ways to accelerate or automate them with technology, making teams more effective in their work. Whether it's eliminating steps from a marketing workflow with automation, or integrating systems directly to cut out manual translation and rework, Wolfco aims to leave our clients' businesses more efficient and productive than we found them.

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High-performing teams for high-performing products.

Whether our clients are just starting their digital transformation and looking to hire a team of product owners and developers, or whether they have an existing digital discipline and want to grow the team's knowledge or improve their processes, Wolfco provides guidance on how to find the right team members, energize them with a product vision and fresh ideas, and organize them to foster a collaborative, high-functioning environment.

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Helping everyone think Agile.

One of the best ways to ensure the success of an internal product development team is to evangelize the Agile processes and development methodology that creates amazing products. Wolfco knows that some change management is necessary to create the recipe for product teams' success within most organizations, and works closely alongside our clients to educate stakeholders on the best practices and what to expect from an Agile development lifecycle.

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Identify tasks that aren't worth human attention.

Some of the critical processes that keep an organization running are tedious, repeatable, and time-consuming. That's why one of the earliest and most pervasive uses of technology in the enterprise is automating business processes, to reserve team members' time and energy for more worthy tasks. Wolfco partners with our clients to identify opportunities where software can streamline existing multistep processes and save time, reduce errors, and speed up workflows that are essential to the business.

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