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Big data doesn't require a big budget.

Wolfco consults with organizations of any size to organize their data and generate real insights.

Organizations at every step of the digital transformation struggle with how to access, validate, and use the data they need to drive their business and inform a digital product strategy. Wolfco provides consulting services that help make sense of the data, and that make this wealth of information usable for our clients, regardless of whether they're just starting out with investigating their data or are looking to optimize a sophisticated data strategy they already have in place.

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Whether it's transactional data from decades of sales, CRM data about customer loyalty and engagement, or behavioral analytics from a suite of digital products, Wolfco's team of data strategists and architects consults on how best to organize and integrate data from different sources to empower our clients with the information they need.

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Making disparate data sources speak the same language.

One of the biggest challenges to tackle is data normalization, which takes data that's organized and stored differently across different systems and finds commonalities to form connections and find cross-product insights. Wolfco has helped our clients integrate data from various CRM systems, marketing automation platforms, and enterprise ERP systems into usable data lakes as a stepping stone toward more advanced data automation.

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We consider "digital packrat" to be a compliment.

For long-term storage of data that can be queried by marketing teams and analysts, Wolfco's team of architects partners with clients on data warehouses as part of their product ecosystem. With smart data normalization and adding common analytics elements that tie different products and systems together, these tools can generate powerful insights that drive new product directions or uncover new business opportunities.

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Creating the foundation for what's next.

While gathering and organizing a company's data gives various teams the insights and connections they need to be more effective, it also lays the groundwork for more sophisticated uses of data that can take digital products and process workflows to the next level. Wolfco assists in setting clients' data up to help train machine learning models, which can then be used to make digital products more personalized, marketing automation more effective, and internal processes more efficient.

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